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Peace, tranquillity,

comfort & care.

Your cat's home away from home.

Quality care

Your cat deserves to be happy and content while you are away, so it is our goal to make sure that your friend is well looked after, well fed and pampered. Just think that while you are on holiday your cat is too.

We are happy to administer any medications or special dietary needs supplied by the owner at no extra cost.

to suit

We have options to cater for every personality, with cosy igloos for the shy type, or open runs and a large group play area for the more social cat.


The Cattery has been designed to allow lots of airflow for those hot summer nights, then heat pump/air conditioning and cat electric blankets for winter. Cosy and warm in winter, cool in summer.



Set in lovely countryside, there is an outlook onto running water from a natural spring and lots of native trees which attract an array of native birds. The perfect surroundings to make your cat feel at home. 

Why choose us?

Amazing rates

We know every owner wants the best for their feline family  friend: Our goal is to make that affordable to everyone from only $14 per cat per day for general stay. Even better, our quality food and cuddles are free!

Transport service

We understand that not everyone can bring their furry friend to us, so we are happy to offer a transport service for those in our local area who require it.

Vet service

We have veterinary services on call 24 hours a day for any issue which may require attention. Your pet will be rushed free of charge to the clinic as soon as required, treatment costs to be covered by the owner.

Services & rates
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Saturday 6th November
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Friday 12th November
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Sunday 14th November
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Saturday 13th November

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Established by passionate cat lovers in the mid-2000’s, our boutique style cattery is well designed with modern accommodation, offering comfort and stimulation for our furry guests.


With peaceful natural surroundings, When The Cat's Away is like no other boarding cattery in Hawke's Bay. To really appreciate the beauty of this cattery, prior inspection is warmly welcomed.

A great place for your cat. I’m sure that if Rusty could talk he would highly recommend this place. Looking at all the photos he starring in on Facebook he met and made a lot of new friends. This place is clean, friendly and recommended by us.

Percy, Dale and Rusty.

Thank you!

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