Jo has had many years in the health system, specialising in Human Resources. Understanding and aiding the needs of others is a value that Jo has brought effortlessly into her time at the Cattery and she wants every visitor to When the Cat's Away to have a great experience.


I myself come from over thirty-five years in ports and shipping, mainly centred around Health & Safety, Customs and also Legislation. Far removed from the needs of cats you might say, but my values of quality, safety and communication lend perfectly to making sure that your pet is comfortable, happy and cared for during its stay with us.

We care whole-heartedly not only for the animals, but the people of our community, which is why Jo and I volunteer for St Johns GoodSAM scheme, which lets us be trained first responders to anyone near who is in need during a medical event. We also give a monthly donation to St John's Team Green, which helps give essential support, training and equipment to the St Johns Ambulance Service, so that they can offer help when you need it most.


With all that said, our main focus is of-course the care of our feline guests, and with this in mind we do our absolute best to make sure that your pet is at ease, well fed, happy and safe.

Our goal

Our absolute goal is to give your beloved pet a natural, comfortable and caring environment in which to rest, play and be themselves... and we believe strongly that it should be affordable to all. We are currently in communication with the SPCA to help create the standards of care that we believe all cats should be afforded, and we are excited to know that cats New Zealand wide will soon benefit from the positive changes.


Jo and I are proud to not only sponsor Ree's Wild Cat Rescue, but we also offer care for several kittens at a time, and love to help find caring families for them to go home to.

Our values

Our views are aligned perfectly with 'The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare' which is well recognised globally for meeting the basic needs of animals, we want to deliver a service which goes beyond the basic needs of our guests and encourages a positive experience at the cattery and also recognises the emotional needs of our guests, we will go beyond what is expected of catteries by minimising negatives and focus on providing your loved ones with a stay that is filled with positive mental experience. This is known as the 5 Domains Model.

The five domains Model


Domain 1. (Good Nutrition.)

We have quality biscuits and fresh water always available, with tinned or fresh meat at morning and night. We can supply specialised foods and are happy to feed specific diets supplied by the owner for any medical/health reasons.

Domain 2. (Good Environment.)

We supply clean and warm beds/bedding, comfortable light levels and fresh air. Litter boxes are cleared twice daily with a clean and fresh environment being our goal. The cattery is purpose built and has a range of accommodation with plenty of space and also secure outdoor areas.

Domain 3. (Good Health.)

All our guests are regularly examined and toilet behaviours are monitored, any required medication or treatment will be adhered to, ensuring animal comfort and health. We are happy to do so and do not believe in charging for the service. We will ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible during its stay with us.

Domain 4. (Appropriate Behaviour.)

Our Cat accommodation is in a beautifully natural setting, where the cats can sit in the play area to smell and see the outdoors. Watching the chickens is a favourite of course! When comfortable the cats can be free to prowl and roam the area, with places to climb and scratch, or if they are the shy type there are safe and comfy little spots in which to hide and peek out from until they are ready to mingle. We also spend time with each cat on their terms and brush and interact with them to ensure they are happy.


Domain 5. (Mental State.)

By achieving the first 4 domains listed above we should automatically achieve the 5th Domain of a positive mental experience, our guests should be able to leave after their holiday feeling calm, joyful and affectionate having had an experience that has given them a sense of control and security where they have been engaged and enjoyed their experience with us.

About us.

Hi, I am Gareth Jones, proud owner-operator of When the Cat's Away Cattery with my amazing wife Jo. Between us we have seven children and five grandkids, three cats, two dogs and often an extended family of over 30 cats! 

I picked up my three; Detox, Charley and Misty on Friday and they are happy to be home with me, they were so well looked after! They will be regulars this time was their second stint at When The Cats Away Cattery and it makes our time away wonderful knowing they cannot be in more capable hands.


Thank you thank you thank you.