About Us

About Us

Gareth and Jo Jones are the new owner operators of When The Cat’s Away Cattery. Both Jo and Gareth are passionate animal lovers and have owned cats all their lives and bring with them their own two cats, Bella who is 17 and Prada who is 3. They value the enjoyment and companionship that they get from Fur babies and treat them as valued family members.

The two owners of when the cats away cattery, Gareth and Jo smiling together

Cat mascot WinstonJo comes from a background in healthcare and is a very understanding and caring person, her dedication to do the best she can in all her endeavours will hopefully give all our customers comfort knowing that their valued pets are in the best possible hands.

Gareth comes from a management background in the port industry. He has worked from the shop floor to the boardroom in various positions and is not afraid to get stuck in to work, Gareth also gives his all to achieve the best outcomes and is excited to be working in this sector being a keen animal lover.

Gareth and Jo are family oriented and bring their two young adult daughters with them, Casey and Nia who are also both really looking forward to be involved in this business and understand the important place your cat holds in your and therefore, our family.

Casey and Nia

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