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Our hours are 8 – 10 am and 4 – 6 pm
Please Note: Cats cannot be picked up or dropped off out of hours Unless special arrangement is given.

All cats must be accompanied by a current vaccination card, recent worm and flea treatment brought from a vet clinic (not a flea collar) one week before arriving and arrive in a suitable cat carry container. Cat cages can be stored at the cattery while you are away.

Christmas Period 20th December to 13th January: $15 per day for one cat, $13.50 per day each for two cats from the same family and $12 per day each for three cats from the same family.

Enquire about special Christmas hours. Early bookings for Christmas are strongly recommended.

Boarding cost is $12 per day per cat. Rate starts the day the cat arrives. Cats picked up in the morning do not incur that days’ charge. Cats picked up in the afternoon do incur that days’ charge.cattery cats love online booking forms

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